Rice is widely consumed and appreciated around the world, especially in Asia, where over 90% of the rice is produced and consumed.

However high consumption of white rice combined with reduced physical activity and increased sedentary behavior, makes the Asian population more vulnerable to adverse effects.

At Tefal we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the full benefits of rice as part of a balanced diet.

New Healthy technology Rice Program

Exclusive Healthy Basket to isolate starch

Starch remains in cooking water

New User Experience

A unique healthy basket to ioslate starch during cooking process.

Thanks to a unique cooking process

Automatic rinising cycles with specific temperature and duration of optimal result

There is no contact between the rice and cooking water, which contains starch

*test conducted by an independent laboratory showing 19.8% reduction in carbs of rice cooked with Healthy Rice program vs regular Rice program

At the end of cooking process

Some starch removed from the rice remains in the water inside the cooking pot.
98% of the starch in the cooking water is Rapidly Disgestible Starch (RDS).
*Independent laboratory - September 2018

Water at the beginning of the cooking process Water with Rapidly Digestible Starch (RDS)
Starch exists in 3 forms
  • Food with high SDS, compared with those with RDS, may be beneficial for weight management.
  • They help you feel full naturally.
  • They contribute to avoid snacking between meals.